Triple Troll

This isn’t about a tool, and it isn’t even about an assignment I do. It’s about an assignment I want to do . . . plan to do.  It’s the pedagogical equivalent of aspirational dressing.

I learned about this type of assignment from trolling the Jim Groom and the fabulous experiment that has come to be called DS106.

The ur assignment is here:

The baseline learning and fun here is that one has to know a certain body of information or discourse community well enough to make thoughtful and, if you’re lucky, amusing connections between disparate points.

Like all overworked classroom teachers, I immediately saw how I could twist this for my own nefarious purposes. In a content-focused course such as history or literature, one could ask for connections between authors or thinkers within a given literary or political movement or across particular movements or time periods.  In a writing course, the Triple Troll becomes a starting (or ending) point for an analysis of  . . . of any number of things. The mind boggles really.

To prove that it could be done easily and by the graphically-challenged, such as myself, I put together my first Triple Troll using my brain, Google Drawing, and the interwebs, et voila:

For the record that’s John Dewey next to a quote by James Gee attributed to Ira Shor.  I should be able to get a pretty good essay out of that!

photo by: Cali4beach

Author Gill Creel