Most recent love

My most recent love is another simple, elegant, and easy-to-use piece of coding: the WordPress plugin WTI Like Post.

It is easy to add to any WordPress site through the Plugins page. (You can see it in use on a personal blog I am currently keeping of my sabbatical year in Spain.) Just click “Add New” from the Plugins page and type “WTI Like Post” in the search function. Then install.  So easy even I can do it.

It installs thumbs up/thumbs down Like buttons on blog posts and keeps track of the number of Likes and Dislikes on each post. There is also a widget that can be added to the blog to track the most liked posts.

There are similar plugins that use the official FaceBook Like functionality to connect your blog to FB, but I prefer this one because it is NOT connected to FB.

The only part that I found a little odd with the default settings is that messages meant for one person who has clicked to like a post, such as “You have already voted” or “Thanks for your vote,” showed up for other readers who had not yet liked the same post. The easy fix is just to turn off these default responses (at least until I figure out what setting I need to change).

What is it good for? Like any Like function, it lets people respond without having to write a basically useless response such as “I liked it.”  If users have to login before clicking “Like/Dislike” (which is one of the possible settings), then it could be used to keep track easily of which students have read a particular blog posting.

I like it.

Author Gill Creel