If the F Pattern is true

If the “F pattern for reading web content” is true, then where would a crafty teacher post comments or ideas in response to student work?

Top left baby!

That’s my epiphany, my sad, sad little epiphany. One of those moments when one realizes the importance of putting two and two together and getting four . . . and when one realizes just how far behind the curve one is (what curve? where? that one disappearing over the horizon?).

This blog is clearly not for those on the cutting edge.

For years I’ve put my summative comments (when typed rather than verbal) at the bottom of student documents and pages.  Well . . . that appears to be dumb for so many reasons, not the least of which is how people read webpages.

Now, I just have to break the habit. Note to self: “comments at top; comments at top; comments at . . . .”

photo by: milesopie

Author Gill Creel