Audacity, Humanity, Efficiency, Mobility (part 1)

The single piece of open source software that I use more than any other isAudacity.  Created for recording and editing sound, Audacity has many features, and I’ve used almost none of them.

I use Audacity to do one thing: record audio feedback for students.  I export the files as MP3s and email them or post them in an LMS.

As a Composition instructor, I spend most of my time doing formative assessment of students’ written work.  Doing this assessment verbally is much faster than writing or typing (even when I use cheats likeAutohotkey).  It also pushes carpal tunnel that much farther down the line.

I encourage students to follow along in their drafts as they listen.  I try to be specific and keep the comments to five minutes or less.  If the comments get too long, the usefulness will disappear in proportion to their length (longer=less useful).  In other words, instead of being guilty of creating a TL;DR (too long; didn’t read), I’ll create TL;DL (too long; didn’t listen).  Read More→

photo by: kev_hickey_uk