Audacity, Brevity, Fairly Tiny (part 2)

As promised in Audacity, Humanity, Efficiency, Mobility (part 1), here are some brief suggestions about making small mp3 files for student feedback using Audacity.

And to reiterate, these files will not share you at your aurally most pleasing.  You’ll have more the hollow, digital rasp of Darth Vader than the Auto-Tuned perfect pitch of a prepubescent, Disney-built pop star.  But seriously, who has more gravitas? Yes, I thought so.

Minimize Audacity file size from SiliconClassroom on Vimeo.

The video itself probably gives a clear sense of my lack of concern with production quality. One take, but it gets the job done.  Perhaps that’s my two-year college ethos showing.

Author Gill Creel