A Beautiful, Simple Thing

It is sometimes useful to get a word count in a student document or webpage– or in one of your own to find out just how verbose you actually are– unless you are George Pelecanos, in which case you know it’s not a problem.

Avoiding extra clicks and extra software in this situation is key to keeping a happy, smiley teacher face.  The most elegant solution I have found is an ancient piece of technology called a “bookmarklet.”  In this case it’s a little piece of code that is dragged into the toolbar of your browser.

Drag this link to your toolbar and a bookmark will appear: Count Words

To use it, highlight the text to count and then click the “Count Words” bookmark in the toolbar. The word count should appear in a small dialogue box in the middle of the screen.

A beautiful, simple thing.

photo by: bjornmeansbear

Author Gill Creel